What is a missionary?


We all know the theoretical answer to this question, but I believe there is another way to answer the question.

Is a missionary a be-er or a do-er?  Anyone seeking God’s will in his own life is in a sense a missionary. Our purpose in life is to know Him. This is not a small task, I guess that is because God is big. Knowing Him is a life long task.  Spending time in His presence and word is the way we get to know Him.  Being open to His leading, guiding and changes in our hearts is how we grow in Him.  As we understand Him and know Him better and learn to listen to His voice, we then begin to understand His heart, and through that understanding of His heart for us, His people, and the lost.

We become open and able to follow His leading into the unknown. Not just willing to share the gospel, but willing to share His love.  That might mean for one picking up and moving to another country, or for another following God’s leading to help their neighbors. The biggest thing for is hearing his voice and being willing to do whatever is takes to SHOW GOD’S LOVE to WHOMEVER the Spirit of the Lord has placed on your heart today. You are sent by God into your world,,,you are a missionary!

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