About COI

Christian OutreaBelize Groupch International is a global mission sending agency, specializing in short-term projects that empower believers to action, volunteerism, leadership, full-time service, and life-long passion for advancing God’s Kingdom through local and international outreach.

To date, COI has provided close to 30,000 participants with a life changing mission/outreach experience. Our 30 years of relevant, hands-on, up to date, short-term expertize has made us into a recognized, trusted, and sought after mission sending organization.

Headquartered in Vero Beach, Florida, COI’s international ministry sites are located in Ukraine, Canada, Dominican Republic, Belize, Asia, Honduras, and Haiti. Domestically, we serve in Florida, West Virginia, and New York City. Coming in 2014 we add a  “social justice” specific outreach option in Orlando, FL and Columbus, OH, working to abolish Sex Trafficking. We have also provided volunteers opportunities to serve at several Disaster Response sites since 2005.


Present a relevant, creative gospel message in unique and various ways with follow-up, and emphasis on freindship evangelism

Mobilize believers and volunteers for outreach and service locally and abroad

Provide ongoing training, opportunities to fulfill mission passion, and/or be released into part or full-time ministry

Build and Develop outreach and ministry partnerships worldwide

Serve the needy, poor, and traumatized with relief and social justice



Quality and Excellence-We pursue excellence in all we do: administration, ministry, and ethics, with the purpose of glorifying God.

Spirituality-We are Christ centered, Bible based, in line with God’s Word and will, and operate on personal integrity. What God is doing in us and through us is paramount. We pursue experiencing Him and His presence daily, in our personal lives, and on our outreaches.

Prayer-We are a ministry begun in prayer, and prayer based, thus we impart a heart for prayer, faith for prayer answers, and teach prayer to all who serve and train with us.

Partnership/Mutuality/Networking-We work with others in a common cause to  “win-win” for everyone involved. We seek to further the cause of those we work with, but accomplish our goals at the same time.

Innovation/Improvement-We are willing to grow, change, stay up-to-date and pursue further education and training so we are constantly improving in every area.

Encouraging supportive relationships-We strive to develop strong healthy relationships with each other, the Body of Christ, and anyone we work with.

Teamwork-We pursue working together as a team. Our individual ministries, gifts, and talents advance the greater good of the team. We celebrate individual sacrifices and superb performances that build the team, but the team gets the credit for the overall successes, and God the glory.

Empowerment-We work so that all we come in contact with will be empowered to fulfill their God-given destiny, calling, and purpose. We teach, train and equip our participants so they are empowered to be successful in missions, ministry and life.

Outreach/Missions/ People Reaching-We exist for the purpose of doing outreach and missions in places and countries God leads us. Our intent is serving, blessing, and uplifting people, thus meeting their needs, and pointing them to Christ.