Transformation is NOT ours but God’s


Out of our experience with orphans in Sunrise ministry (HIV Program), the mission is not ours but God’s. Mission is in the heart of God and He is the one who does the work us. Human beings are only agents or facilitators of the work of God.

Please, let me share a story of one of the boys seen above.

This boy is now 4 years old and is in 1st grade. His mom fell in a river and died when he was two months old and was left with his step grand-mother. In fact, I am the one who officiated his mom’s funeral because she was our church member. He has one brother who is also living with him. He has some mental challenges which we are yet to know from a doctor.

I remember when he came into the Sunrise program, he used to fight all the kids and even us. He could use bad words, make faces to kids and even to us and call other kids very bad words. One day, I was talking to the boys and he came to me and slapped me on my eyes.

When we gave him food, he used to throw it on the soil and if you ask him why he has done so, he used to throw stones at us. He used to run away from the program, to his home which is about 3 miles from our church.

After praying for many days and years for him, taking to him, having fun with him and becoming parent figures to him, he has drastically changed. He has changed such that, he talks nicely, eat his food without throwing it, plays nicely with other kids, he does not run away, he does not insult others and he is somehow happy being with us in the program. He is about 75% transformed mentally, psychologically, emotionally and in his in personality, drastically. He is not angry at all!

When we reflect on this boy, we can only say that it is God who has transformed him. Our work has been only to facilitate that transformation, but God has been working in his life. Mission therefore, is holistic, such that, it is preaching the gospel, doing social work to the people, valuing those who are dehumanized or re-shaping their lives, to fit in the community.

Paul Kamunge, COI Kenya

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