The survivor’s story really impacted me a couple years ago when I heard it. She, a teenager from Ohio at the time she was victimized, said about trafficking in America, “I was crying and praying many times for someone to come and get me out, and no one came.” It stirred a place in my heart as “a sent one”. Why was someone praying this, and not seeing anyone come? I needed to understand more about something that was going on in our world, in our country, that I knew very little about, what I knew was for the most part inaccurate, and at the time, I felt little calling to move toward bold action.


Late on Independence Day, I returned home to Texas from my 19th mission trip during 21 years of service as a missionary for Christian Outreach International (COI). This summer’s COI trip was my first domestic mission (Orlando) that was not disaster relief. I had been warned by an experienced missionary that domestic mission trips that are not disaster relief are “a little boring.” (more…)


I am sobered in heart by recent global events involving the Body of Christ. I’ve been challenged by the Spirit of God to a place of consistent prayer concerning the modern day persecution of Christians. It has become a real issue, happening on a more regular basis, and now part of our lives as Christ’s Body in 2015. (more…)


To God’s glory, COI had a very blessed 2014! We were able to mobilize several hundred participants to short term missions. We received new staff and new missionaries. We assisted local churches further develop their mission programs. We are starting a new outreach site in Costa Rica (fun!). We helped start some new mission projects on the ground, including our new Education for Girls Sponsorship Program, which is now going in Belize, a country where school is not free. I am convinced if we instill a sense of confidence and support in young girls and create opportunities for them, they will make a difference as world changers and history makers! (more…)


I’m so very appreciative of the prayer and support for the Christian Outreach International, inaugural full week mission project in Orlando last month. So blessed by the Lord’s strong presence on all!

The team from Robinson, IL, Porterville Missions, led by Brenda Cowdrey, is a 15 year COI alumni team!  God bless Brenda and her teams’ mission efforts!  This team had five first time missionaries. They shared at the debriefing that their lives were dramatically, and forever changed by the Lord! (more…)


In our Sunrise (HIV/AIDS ministry) program, we have a family, with nine children, that live in a very bad rented house. Seven of the nine children live in the house with the parents, who are both infected by HIV/AIDS.  Because of the disease the parents are not able to “parent” and are not effective in their normal lives.

When I shared with our supporters about the needs of this family, the Lord provided funds to buy bunk beds, blankets, sheep, a kerosene lamp more food for them. The funds were donated and raised by three children who felt (in their hearts) that the Lord was leading them to do that ministry with us.

This ministry of compassion by three Sunday school children has taught us that we consistently need to be sharing our ministry needs, both financial and prayer needs, with the children in our Sunday schools. We, as adults, should share these ministry concerns with our children, and not wait until they are adults, because the Lord may choose to work through them.  Because of this compassionate ministry, by children for children, we have seen Sunrise Kids coming to Jesus Christ.

Paul Kamunge, COI Missionary, Kenya, Africa


You are a light..let it shine. I have been very normally neighborly with some neighbors. They know that I am in ministry, but recently I understood they know who I am (in Him). They are Jewish..they told me they watched me speaking on You-tube..that was it for them..I knew how to pray, they decided…and, they poured their hearts out. Five years ago their 18 year old, only daughter, ended her life as a result of being bullied. They are still mourning her death, with tears. Oh WOW..people are hurting. My heart went out to them.

We have been praying and will continue for them. I think there will be some beautiful times ahead.

God is Good. He loves people. And, He has you to serve and love them with His Love. Stop being religious. There is a time to leave your Bible in the drawer. Be normal and friendly, without a religious agenda. I was taking out the garbage when we talked that day, not doing planned ministry. Let Him open doors. Eventually they will figure out that you are not your own. You are a light in a dark world. Shine on!

MaryAlice Isleib, COI Director


Yesterday was our church’s kid’s Sunday school day. The kids had invited their neighboring kids and from other churches to hear the gospel through poems from the bible, scriptural verses and dramas and the theme of the day was LOVE. Each age group was taking 15 minutes. (more…)


My wife and I have led mission trips for many years.  In fact, it had become our passion.  We enjoyed doing different types of trips every year, so that a teenager who went annually would have had a variety of life-changing experiences in ministry as they entered adulthood.  We were awestruck by the things we saw and by the great impact they had on our youth. (more…)


I really enjoy ministry at COI DR! We were excited the last time we went. I had been to the DR before with COI and knew that the staff, housing and ministry were excellent. We were not disappointed at all. We had an incredible week of ministry. (more…)