Getting to the field can be the biggest step of faith


Sometimes deciding to go on a mission trip is not the biggest challenge to getting to the field, it’s actually overcoming the obstacles that come up once you or your group decide to go. I see this over and over again..if the enemy can’t stop you from going, he will throw everything at you to hinder you getting there.

One of the things that always comes up is the fundraising. How are we going to raise the funds to do this? Your first step of faith was making the time to go. Faith is in motion, but it needs to be acted upon again to get the fundraising ball rolling. Now you will have to do some work, and create a plan. Start with a letter to friends and family, or a fundraiser at church. One of our COI alumni groups started to collect donated goods from people in the church and community, and turned it into a year-round sale, kind of like consignment, or a store. Each team member takes turns doing the work, and in the end, a large portion of their fundraising happens this way.

Remember, most fundraising efforts will go right down to the wire, but it never fails that the Lord provides!

Another thing that can happen to try to wear you and your team down, are obstacles that come up right before you leave. Here is a testimony from a team on their way to the Dominican Republic last summer: “Oh, the adventures of the missionary. Our flight was cancelled due to mechanical failure. We were on the runway, ready to take off, after boarding, then de-planeing for an inspection, then re-boarding..oops, mechanical failure now. We had to overnight in Miami. Our team leader did his best to keep us together, but we had to spend the night in two different hotels. Now, flying out the next day, our team has to split up again..part of us have to go to Columbia, and part of us have to go to Panama before arriving in the DR. Our dear team has been fearless. No murmuring or complaining. we were more than conquerors. I love my Lord. I love these people. I love missions. I love my life”

What a great testimony of a team that refused to be discouraged or distracting by arriving at the mission a day late. They made it. Their faith and joy was intact, and they had an exciting, fruitful outreach! Your faith is a gift and very mission from God will require you to use it..sometimes just to even get there!

MaryAlice Isleib, COI Director





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