Love- by the kids, to the kids will win the kids


Yesterday was our church’s kid’s Sunday school day. The kids had invited their neighboring kids and from other churches to hear the gospel through poems from the bible, scriptural verses and dramas and the theme of the day was LOVE. Each age group was taking 15 minutes. After all the activities were presented, we fed them and released them to go home. When Sunday school teachers evaluated how the day was, we all observed that it is easy for the kids to reach out the other kids with the gospel through activities which are generated from the bible. All the kids were attentive during all the presentations because they thought it was fun listening from their fellow kids.

The concept of love from the bible which was communicated to the kids by the kids was not only the love of Christ to us but also that which we should display to one another, at home, at school and elsewhere. That concept of love inspired people to share it with their fellow people in their neighborhood and at work. Since it was kids day, they first had won their neighboring un-churched kids to themselves and yesterday, they brought them to the church. Since many un-churched kids were won to the church yesterday by our church’s kids, the Sunday school teachers will win them to Christ through teaching them the gospel.

This brings to us another way of doing missions to the kids that is,winning kids to ourselves by creating relationships with them, winning them to the church by bring them to the church to see different kids’ activities and then winning them to Christ by teaching them about the love of Christ to all human beings.

Paul Kamunge, COI missionary, Kenya

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