COI is an IRS approved nonprofit corporation in the US, and a Registered Charity (Canada Revenue Agency charity #891540742 RR 0001) in Canada, funded solely by voluntary contributions from our friends, partners, local churches and participants. We conduct our activities with the highest standards of integrity, and are faithful stewards of the funds God has entrusted to us.

COI is not sustained by a major corporation, mega-church, affluent partners, or business ventures. Like every other ministry and church, COI trusts God to provide on-going overhead and operating expenses. The donations/fees received fund the work of this full-time, international organization.

Every COI minister/staff member  is trained in “support raising”. Missionaries/ministers personal provision comes through donations to COI by their friends, families, partners, support raising trips, and home churches that see them as “their” missionaries .Our ministers are encouraged also to work part-time jobs, secure second streams of income, and participate in the marketplace to help meet the financial needs of their families when necessary. Outreach and program participants also raise support or work to do their part in meeting their outreach’s expenses.

No one on the COI team looks at funds generated through support raising as “their” money. Working as a team, where everyone does their part, God meets all personal needs, and the needs of the ministry as a whole.We appreciate and respect our donors choice to support COI and our work, and consider them a vital part of our team. We endeavor to treat donors with respect, and privacy. COI will never give names and information to any third parties. Contributions to COI are tax deductible. We provide receipts for donations over 50.00 and upon request.

We are governed by a Board that oversees our financial decisions, policies, operations, fund-raising activities, and ministry accomplishments. Our Board ensures that our fund raising appeals clearly identify the purposes and programs to which the donations will be applied, and that we may assess up to ten percent to be used for administering the gift. All monies are donated solely to Christian Outreach Int’l, and disbursement is at the discretion of COI for mission work worldwide.

Our financial statements are prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles .We provide a copy of our current financial statements upon written request.