I enjoy ministry in the Dominican Republic


I really enjoy ministry at COI DR! We were excited the last time we went. I had been to the DR before with COI and knew that the staff, housing and ministry were excellent. We were not disappointed at all. We had an incredible week of ministry.

Our ministry consisted of assisting two pastors in the area that have visions for their villages to provide schooling for the children in their area. Both villages had makeshift schools that were in process of becoming more stable. At the first school, we were able to build a new fence, clean up the schoolyard, tear town an existing building, spend time with the children and completely transform their facilities. We also purchased new chairs for the children that would be attending school.

At the second village which was even poorer than the first we continued this transformation. We completely landscaped their schoolyard, painted the entire school inside and out, built new walls inside the school in order to provide an extra classroom, spent time playing with the children and investing in young families.
A local church in the San Pedro area was hosting a VBS while we were there and we spent two afternoons investing in the children. We had so much fun. The church had rented a couple of above ground pools and the children enjoyed splashing us and we certainly did not mind. It was a blessing to see the smiles on their faces as we interacted with them.

One of the blessings we also experienced was attending a youth service at a retreat center. The teens at this camp had a tremendous love for God that was very evident. It was beautiful. We left this service knowing that we had been in the presence of God.

I have been in missions for 15 + years and I can say that this trip was one of the best mission trips I have ever been on. The staff were once again true servants and outstanding folks to work with. Our accommodations were first rate and the food was the same.

If you are considering taking a trip to the DR with COI, I would say do it, you will not be disappointed. Our team rated our experience a 12 out of a possible 10. That is how much we enjoyed our time in this amazingly beautiful and yet poverty stricken country.

Scott Wood

COI Canadian Director

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