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Late on Independence Day, I returned home to Texas from my 19th mission trip during 21 years of service as a missionary for Christian Outreach International (COI). This summer’s COI trip was my first domestic mission (Orlando) that was not disaster relief. I had been warned by an experienced missionary that domestic mission trips that are not disaster relief are “a little boring.” (more…)

I’m so very appreciative of the prayer and support for the Christian Outreach International, inaugural full week mission project in Orlando last month. So blessed by the Lord’s strong presence on all!

The team from Robinson, IL, Porterville Missions, led by Brenda Cowdrey, is a 15 year COI alumni team!  God bless Brenda and her teams’ mission efforts!  This team had five first time missionaries. They shared at the debriefing that their lives were dramatically, and forever changed by the Lord! (more…)

I really enjoy ministry at COI DR! We were excited the last time we went. I had been to the DR before with COI and knew that the staff, housing and ministry were excellent. We were not disappointed at all. We had an incredible week of ministry. (more…)