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The survivor’s story really impacted me a couple years ago when I heard it. She, a teenager from Ohio at the time she was victimized, said about trafficking in America, “I was crying and praying many times for someone to come and get me out, and no one came.” It stirred a place in my heart as “a sent one”. Why was someone praying this, and not seeing anyone come? I needed to understand more about something that was going on in our world, in our country, that I knew very little about, what I knew was for the most part inaccurate, and at the time, I felt little calling to move toward bold action.

I am sobered in heart by recent global events involving the Body of Christ. I’ve been challenged by the Spirit of God to a place of consistent prayer concerning the modern day persecution of Christians. It has become a real issue, happening on a more regular basis, and now part of our lives as Christ’s Body in 2015. (more…)