Affiliate & Alumni

COI Alumni Association `

It is exciting for current COI staff to meet and fellowship with COI Alumni around the world! And there are 1000’s of Alum after almost 30 years of ministry!  COI Alumni are considered to be any former COI staff, missionary or anyone who has been out with COI on a mission/outreach, any age, either individual or a group, anytime since 1984 and desires to re-connect with COI and COI Alumni.(That’s a mouth-full!)

After so many years, one thing we all have in common is a heart for outreach and missions, a heart to reach and touch people. It is fun to talk and pray with people of the same heart and mind, even if you are not actively involved in ministry right now. And if you are, it will be great to fellowship with those who have your DNA….So, a  new COI Alumni Chat will be starting in 2014. A 30 minute, monthly teleconference call…’s gonna be great! Let us know if you might be interested or know an alumni that might! We look forward to meeting you and hearing your story.

We are also looking for Alumni that have some time to volunteer with recruiting mission teams and visiting churches in your area or region, Help us spread the word by being a rep for COI.

The 2013-2014 COI Co-Alumni Director is Trent Detamore. Reach him at to let him know your interest.

COI Affiliate Ministries
As part of our network services, COI serves as a spiritual and administrative “covering” for proven ministers and missionaries that are currently active on the field and in full or part time ministry work.  Sometimes these ministers do not have an organization to be associated with, the resources to start their own legal non-profit organization, or their local, home church does not have a missions or outreach program that can satisfactorily meet their ministry’s needs.

The affiliate ministries program is open primarily to US Citizens working in a mission field, or on an outreach assignment.  We are not accepting any foreign nationals into our program at this time, nor are we searching for more foreign sites to bring groups to minister.  We only bring groups to minister in fields where we have personal relationships already developed with nationals. Thank you for your understanding.

Once accepted and approved via our through vetting process, affiliates of COI are offered general administrative services, which includes processing and accepting donations, donor relations, transferring donations and monthly reports to your account, providing US and Canadian donors with year end tax deductible receipts, and providing affiliates with proper personal year end tax documents. COI receives a minimal percentage of affiliates donations, or a minimal program fee to cover our administrative costs to provide this service. COI has a strict accountability standard and conduct code for our affiliates.

Please send an email to with Affiliate Ministries in the subject line telling a bit about yourself, what you do, and your interest in COI.

COI Full Time or Part Time Missionaries
Christian Outreach International places qualified individuals or families in full-time or part time mission and outreach work as members of our ministry team, and official COI staff.  All missionaries are trained in their personal walk with God, Bible classes, missions, evangelism, fund raising, mission team leadership, and many other areas that make them effective in their ministry with COI.

COI has strict vetting and accountability standards, as well as, a through conduct code for all who serve on the COI team.  All new full-time candidates will participate in COI outreaches and conferences, be mentored by our experienced staff, raise significant funds and walk through our placement process before moving to full-time work at a COI ministry site.

Please send an email to with Full or Part time Missionary in the subject line telling a bit about yourself, what you do, and your interest in COI.