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It is moving to be at the Ebenezer Christian School Center in Santa Fe, San Pedro, Dominican Republic, seeing what God is doing there! August 2016 was no different.This school was adopted by COI, and our teams 15 years ago, after the Pastor, Freddy, heard my Father speak on one of his visits here. Faith rose in his heart for what COI teams could do in partnership with him in a very poor refugee community…and how they have!

The school has expanded to two floors and has grown to be able to teach up to 200 students a year! The children graduate with smarts, skills, etiquette, and excellent Bible knowledge. PTL! Special thanks to Hillcrest Lutheran Academy, MN for adopting Ebeneezer as a sister school and helping to finance so much of what is happening here. 170 plus students have arrived this Fall at Ebenezer.

One of the most exciting projects on the Ebenezer campus is the building of a new water well in it’s beautiful building, pictured here. We are close to being able to install a medium size filter tank, that will hold up to 700 gallons of water. If we can get the project funded soon, by the end of this year the new water filtration center will be able to bless  Pst. Freddy’s church, school, teachers, and the entire community!

For example, in this village, the government sells jugs of water for 30 pesos. The water from the government is not very clean, and really not good to drink. The Ebenezer well will be able to provide them for 10 pesos. The well will help change the economic situation for families in Santa Fe. It will fund salaries for Ebenezer’s excellent teachers, most of whom are now volunteering because they believe in the vision and the children. It will also provide funds to bring in new teachers, further classrooms, general expansion. Poorer families will be blessed with fresh water…and on and on….

Statistics from water projects in developing countries show that every $1 invested in a well usually produces a return anywhere from $4 to $12. Well costs range from $10,000-$24,000 (depending on the expenses and drilling process in each country) and can bring water to about 350 people for a lifetime.  So, for the purposes of this project, and it’s costs,  we are suggesting a gift of $46.00 will help bring affordable, clean water drinking to one person for life! The Ebenezer Well project will meet tangible needs for pure drinking water, bless and lift the school and community, and create jobs and resources.

Would you and/or your church or small group help us put this project over the finish line and release the full potential of this school and community? We need approximately $8800 to finish this well, and be up and running. Can you give a $46.00 gift representing one person who will receive a lifetime of clean water from this well? A gift of any amount will be a huge blessing. Maybe your family, friends, coworkers, cell group, members, or team want to fund-raise by fasting all other drinks but water the next 2 weeks and donate what you would have spent on other drinks to bring a water blessing for someone in Santa Fe, DR?

If so, go to DONATE to choose which way you would like to give. The number for this project is 87, which should be added to your donation in the appropriate place.

Thank you for your support and God Bless you!


Hot Destinations

Dominican Republic

The beauty of the Dominican Republic stands in contrast with the physical and spiritual poverty of many on the island. Many nominally claim Catholicism as their religion but have no understanding of a personal relationship with God. The evangelical church is growing, and many are coming to know Christ as their personal Lord.

They are anxious to have mission groups come and encourage them. Medical and sports teams, vacation Bible schools, sharing at our schools, construction projects can all be part of the work God is doing in the Dominican Republic. Outreach opportunities are endless! Come join us in this exciting, very popular, mission field!

COI’s 16 years of hands-on experience pioneering Central Florida missions gives us expertise at making your Florida outreach a success! In 1997, COI started receiving teams in Indian River County. Because there was nothing like it in the area,COI’s influence in Florida grew. Our faithfulness and experience has created an impact affecting the entire region.

Over the years,hundreds of volunteers and mission teams have been blessed, serving with COI in Florida. We have found that doing outreach and community service here (domestic missions) is safe, warm, economical, fun, and a great way to touch lives in our own country!

Today, COI is building and strengthening our legacy of outreach and service in Florida. Our International HQ remains in Vero Beach. There are lots of good ministry opportunities in Florida, so we have expanded to include Orlando, and we are working on Tampa-St. Pete area for 2017.